Agenda Online

A better way
to manage
board meetings

NEW Agenda Online

A better way
to manage
board meetings

NEW Agenda Online

More robust

Stream and record meetings? Track district goals? Yes, and more!

More affordable

Annual subscription is less expensive than other platforms

More innovative

Next-generation tools and features save you time and money

More Compliant

Automatically complies with Public Records Act

New, improved, powerful

Agenda Online offers next-generation tools and features that make it today’s most innovative board management platform.


Receive agenda submissions electronically or copy items from past meetings. Reorder items with drag-and-drop editing. Automatically track agenda changes, create closed session items viewable only to specific users…and much more.


Stream and record meetings, including live recordings of voting and attendance. Keep discussions on track with built-in speaker timer. Even publish board-approved minutes with a single click.


Generate customizable public agenda access pages. Create custom workflow routing paths complete with email alerts. Track district goals and LCAP priorities, and automatically comply with regulations like the Public Records Act and the Brown Act.


Enjoy enhanced reliability with our cloud-based platform. Access your information from any computer or mobile device, and get your questions answered with complimentary 24/7 customer support.

New features make your job easier

Drag-and-drop editing

Reorder agenda items instantly with drag-and-drop editing

More print options

Print the agenda outline or the entire packet with attachments

Tracked agenda changes

Easily and automatically track all agenda changes

Live recording

Record meeting attendance and voting live


Schedule a free demo of Agenda Online to find out how our new, improved cloud-based platform makes board and agenda management a snap.

Choose a Plan!

CSBA member pricing*:


  • Features include:
  • Drag-and-Drop

  • Track changes

  • Print full agenda packet, including attachments

  • Templates: Agenda, agenda item & minutes

  • Track goals

  • User & visitor dashboard

  • Create or manage a meeting/agenda

  • Closed session security

  • Unlimited attachments

  • Meeting minutes, Record the vote and Agenda item comments

  • 10 years archiving

  • Search & view archived meetings

  • Access to policies for GAMUT users

  • Note: Districts with under 1,000 ADA qualify for the reduced price of $500.

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  • Includes all of the features
  • included in the LITE plan, plus:
  • Agenda item submitters

  • Approval routes for agendas, items and minutes

  • Cross-subscriber global search

  • Private notes

  • Manage resources

  • Speaker timer

  • Auto pilot

  • 20 years archiving

  • 24/7 User support

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*For non-member pricing, please contact us at


  • Includes all of the features
  • included in the PRO plan, plus:
  • Multiple governing bodies— board & committees

  • Stream/record a board meeting (video,audio)

  • Live voting

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Can I view Agenda Online from my current device, or do I have to purchase new devices?

Agenda Online is web based and can be used on virtually any computer or tablet using the most recent version of the most popular browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.)  No app needed.

How do I create an agenda in Agenda Online?

You can create an agenda from scratch, or use a template to expedite the process. Part of our set-up process for a new client is to create agenda templates of your most common meeting types from your previous agendas. Once the meeting is created your Submitters are able to submit their agenda items to the meetings in the system.

I need to move an agenda item, what is the process?

If you need to rearrange your agenda items, drag and drop them to arrange and the system will automatically renumber them. If you move a parent item it will take any sub-items with it.

How do I publish an agenda? Will the public see the agenda?

When your agenda has been finalized you are able to send it through an approval workflow (optional). When it has completed the workflow, the Meeting Manager clicks a button to Publish. The agenda is immediately released to the Board, Staff, and the Public. Authenticated users can login to view the agenda and the public can view the agenda from your website from Agenda Online portal. All users will have the ability to view and print all public agendas and agenda items.

Can I add exhibit attachments to my agenda items?

Yes, while you can add essentially any type of attachment, we recommend you limit your uploads to pdf documents to ensure that your authenticated users and the public can easily access them. There is no limit to the number of attachments per agenda or the size of each attachment. You can also drag and drop attachments at any time to reorder them.

Can I reuse my agenda items created before we started using Agenda Online?

Absolutely, with Agenda Online there is no need to recreate agenda items. You can simply cut and paste into the item field for items created outside of Agenda Online. Submitters can also create item templates for frequently submitted items to save time.

Can I use Agenda Online for my organization’s Committee meetings?

Yes, Agenda Online Premium supports the creation of multiple Governing Bodies for your organization. Access to each Governing Body can be restricted if subject to open meeting laws.    

My agenda items require approval routing before they are submitted to the agenda Manager. Can this be done in Agenda Online?

Agenda Online supports a robust approval workflow system. Items are created by the Submitter and routed through customizable workflow approval paths. The Meeting Manager still maintains full control and can bypass the workflow or workflow steps if needed.

Can users take notes in Agenda Online?

All authenticated user have the ability to make private notes on any agenda item. The notes are only viewable to the creator and cannot be shared with anyone else.

Can our Board Members Vote Online?

Agenda Online Premium supports online live voting by Board Members. Lite and Pro require manual entry of votes by the Meeting Manager. Both processes are very user friendly.

Will we be able to print copies of meeting materials?

Agenda Online allows authenticated users and the public to print an outline agenda, individual agenda items or the entire board packet including attachments.

Can we post other documents not associated with our agenda on Agenda Online?

You can post items to the Resources area of Agenda Online. Upload documents or create links to your GAMUT™ policy account and other web resources.

Can we create minutes on Agenda Online?

Yes, minutes are entered into Agenda Online live at the meeting or later if you prefer. When they are complete print or download a copy to attach to your next meeting for approval. Once approved, go back to the original meeting and publish the Minutes for public access.

What if my Board is not “tech savvy”?

The Follow Leader is an option for them. At the meeting, they open the agenda and then click the Follow Leader button, from there it is a hands free viewing. They can click Stop Following at any time if they want to create a private note or view an attachment. Click Follow Leader to join the meeting in process.

Please contact the Agenda Online team if you have any other questions. or 800.266.3382.

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